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In all cases, cyclical ups and downs depend not only on internal system cyclical processes and their factors in countries but also on the consequences of intercountry interaction. The ability to measure and predict business cycles, taking into account their mutual influence, is a prerequisite for the development of an adequate business policy of countries and their associations. This chapter is devoted to the substantiation of methods of statistical assessment and modeling of macroeconomic business cycles on the basis of their understanding as an integrated effect of changing business phases in different sectors, as well as the impact of synchronization and harmonization of business cycles in both the economy of one country and the intercountry levels. The main directions of quantitative research of business cycles based on the econometric approach, which are widely presented in the literature, fall into two main groups. The first of these is the identification of stable cyclic components in the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators. In most cases, the authors of scientific publications use the real GDP gross domestic product , as an indicator for investigation of macroeconomic business cycle.

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Boschan Quarterly algorithm (BBQ) covering 16 CESEE countries. was able to successfully replicate the business cycle reference dates determined by a.

The last few months have been nothing short of a national nightmare. We are half a year into a global pandemic that has killed more than , Americans, forced over 55 million people to file for unemployment insurance, and has put millions of small American businesses at risk of permanently closing. At the same time, the nation is grappling with the effects of systemic racism in the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and scores of other Black people at the hands of law enforcement.

As we reckon with the legacy of slavery, an ugly side of America that actively upholds racism threatens to undermine our pursuit of racial justice. Monopolies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are quietly taking advantage of the ongoing chaos to continue amassing power and profit from national distress. Google, for example, wields a tight grip on the search and digital advertising markets that gives the company a financial incentive to promote hateful material.

According to Business Insider , 90 percent of U. Google uses its monopoly on searches to extract consumer data usually without our consent , which it then uses to sell online ads eerily tailored to the individual consumer. Not only is this plain creepy, but it also keeps online advertisers overly dependent on Google.

Facing little competition to hold it accountable, Google is able to turn a blind eye to hateful content on its video platform, YouTube, because it generates revenue. YouTube will do anything for more eyeballs more data for Google , including allowing online fear-mongers to post incendiary videos designed to go viral. News reports reveal that YouTube has repeatedly ignored warnings that the platform is becoming a breeding ground for toxic, hateful content.

The spread of this type of extremist thinking can have deadly consequences.

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In this paper, we propose a Markov-switching dynamic factor model that allows for a more timely estimation of turning points. We apply one-step and two-step estimation approaches to French data and compare their performance. One-step maximum likelihood estimation is confined to relatively small data sets, whereas two-step approach that uses principal components can accommodate much bigger information sets.

We find that both methods give qualitatively similar results and agree with the OECD dating of recessions on a sample of monthly data covering the period —

cycle-dating algorithm to compare the peaks and troughs identified in the Australian growth cycle by the Corbae-Ouliaris frequency domain (FD) filter with: (a).

Or worse yet, that Oregon falls first and recovers last? Something along these lines really does seem to be the conventional wisdom. In this case, the conventional wisdom is wrong. Today I want to focus just on employment, one of the only really good indicators available at the local level. First, a quick look at employment growth in recent decades. Clearly Oregon is more volatile than the U. We fall further in recession but grow quicker in expansion.

In the good times we call this our traditional advantage. Given that the economy spends many more years in expansion than in recession, Oregon comes out ahead over the full cycle. This next graph shows how Oregon fares over the entire cycle relative to the U.

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Brownian Bridge Excel We nd that both models can calculate non-zero short-term CDS spreads and that the second model generates upward sloping term structures over a long time horizon. The aim of this set of notes is to summarize some basic properties of the Brownian motion and Brownian bridge processes. The Black-Scholes model.

Hospital emergency department volumes have been hardest hit, falling 17% year​-to-date compared to the same period in , down 17%.

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control , 27 9 , pp. View at publisher. We study the suggestion that Markov switching MS models should be used to determine cyclical turning points. A Kalman filter approximation is used to derive the dating rules implicit in such models. We compare these with dating rules in an algorithm that provides a good approximation to the chronology determined by the NBER. We find that there is very little that is attractive in the MS approach when compared with this algorithm.

The most important difference relates to robustness.

Dating Business Cycle Turning Points for the French Economy: An MS-DFM approach

We consider the extent to which different time-series models can generate simulated data with the same business cycle features that are evident in US real GDP. We focus our analysis on whether multivariate linear models can improve on the previously documented failure of univariate linear models to replicate certain key business cycle features. These results are robust to simulated data generated either using Normal disturbances or bootstrapped disturbances, as well as to allowing for a one-time structural break in the variance of shocks to real GDP growth.

Ahmed, S. Levin, and B.

sbbq — Identify turning points in time series using the BBQ algorithm (Harding (​) to produce a business cycle dating algorithm based on quarterly data.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Artis and M. Marcellino and T. Artis , M. Marcellino , T. Proietti Published Economics Macroeconomics eJournal. This paper proposes a dating algorithm based on an appropriately defined Markov chain that enforces alternation of peaks and troughs, and duration constraints concerning the phases and the full cycle. View on SSRN. Save to Library. Create Alert.

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Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives continues to claim the installed base of iPhone users are ripe for upgrades:. Both positive and negative predictions tend to emerge just before iPhone launches every year, though economists and analysts are particularly keen for positive economic news this time around as the pandemic continues its bite. The difference this year is that Apple has reconfigured the iPhone range to reach a much broader range of potential buyers, with products straddling the market, from its traditional high-end models to more affordable mid-range devices.

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The importance of the topic of business cycle research and their interaction is an algorithm for quantifying the overall business cycle based on the [18] show that for Burns and Mitchell’s specific cycle dating procedures it is.

RATS Version Please be sure to include instructions on using the procedure and detailed references where applicable. For quarterly data, it implements the Pagan-Harding version. Bry and Boschan Pagan and Harding “Dissecting the cycle: a methodological investigation”, Journal of Monetary Economics , Volume 49, Issue 2, Economy”, American Economic Review , vol 84, no 1, The monthly example is from the paper itself, while the quarterly uses the same data set, but is compacted to quarterly.

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Learn on-demand, earn credit, find products and solutions. All of this is a testament to the volatile environment caused by the coronavirus, and, while hospitals have shown some signs of incremental financial recovery in recent months, there’s no guarantee that these trends will continue. There’s still a long road ahead for those trying to recover from the steep losses incurred during the early months of the pandemic.

July volumes continued to fall year-over-year, but showed some signs of potential recovery month-over-month. Hospitals nationwide also continued to see higher per-patient expenses, despite having fewer patients. Larger hospitals have struggled to flex as well, partially due to more complicated corporate structures.

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This paper discusses formal quantitative algorithms that can be used to identify business cycle turning points. An intuitive, graphical derivation of these algorithms is presented along with a description of how they can be implemented making very minimal distributional assumptions. We also provide the intuition and detailed description of these algorithms for both simple parametric univariate inference as well as latent-variable multiple-indicator inference using a state-space Markov-switching approach.

We illustrate the promise of this approach by reconstructing the inferences that would have been generated if parameters had to be estimated and inferences drawn based on data as they were originally released at each historical date. Waiting until one extra quarter of GDP growth is reported or one extra month of the monthly indicators released before making a call of a business cycle turning point helps reduce the risk of misclassification.

Both indexes perform quite well in simulation with real-time data bases. We also discuss some of the potential complicating factors one might want to consider for such an analysis, such as the reduced volatility of output growth rates since and the changing cyclical behavior of employment. Although such refinements can improve the inference, we nevertheless find that the simpler specifications perform very well historically and may be more robust for recognizing future business cycle turning points of unknown character.

The Netherlands: Elsevier,

Is the Business Cycle Regular and Predictable? Alan Greenspan on U.S. Economic Policy (1992)