Dating apps, video games and TikTok: The digital activism boosting Black Lives Matter

You can contact us by email to LMD unison. ALL face-to-face regional training courses have now been cancelled up to 30 September We are working closely with our tutors regarding online course provision for the Autumn — details of our courses as they are released will be published below. Attendance at all 3 sessions required. Microsoft Excel is the most popular used spreadsheet software in the workplace. The course will guide you through the basics of setting up a worksheet, how to improve your productivity and enhance the way you manage and present your information.

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Livingston confirmed July 28 that his office still notifies ICE when it lets out some arrested immigrants and publicizes release dates online. Civil activists urged Livingston to stop notifying ICE and posting release dates, which they say has the same effect as detaining immigrants on behalf of ICE. Two years after ending a contract to detain immigrants in the facility, Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston confirmed July 28 that his office continues to tell ICE when it lets out certain arrested immigrants and publicizes release dates online.

Two years after ending a contract to detain immigrants in the West County Detention Facility, Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston confirmed Tuesday that his office is still notifying ICE when it lets out some arrested immigrants and publicizing release dates online. Livingston disclosed the information during a Truth Act Forum, which the county is required to hold annually to inform the public of how it cooperates with the U. But it can respond to ICE requests to notify the agency upon releasing people who have been held for certain crimes or have a particular criminal history that may involve felony convictions, multiple misdemeanor convictions of driving under the influence or other convictions.

Thirty-three of the requests involved the same person, whom Livingston said had been sent back to jail a number of times without being detained by ICE. Of the 96 people whose releases were announced to ICE, 94 were men and two were women. A handful of other past convictions included robbery, carjacking and rape. Livingston said he thinks people with those past convictions should be referred to ICE.

Dozens of activists and community residents who spoke at the meeting disagreed, stating that based on reports of poor conditions at ICE detention facilities, sending people to them could be akin to a death sentence during the coronavirus pandemic.

Iran’s reformists and activists: Internet exploiters

In total, twenty thousand free VPN accounts have been distributed to these organizations which include Access Now, Frontline Defenders, Internews, and one other undisclosed participant. This unique and timely program aims to empower individuals and organizations with the tools they need to browse a safe and open internet environment, regardless of where they live.

The VPN provider is encouraging other NGOs or media organizations across the world to reach out if they too are in need of support. We are happy to provide these accounts to human rights defenders at no cost to them.

journalist’s detention epitomizes authorities’ crackdown on activists the prosecution of Vladimir Vorontsov, administrator of online group.

The revolution may not be tweeted, but modern activism is nonetheless often reliant on online organizing. This playlist will teach you how to understand the risks activists face and how to protect against them. Trying to protect all your data from everyone all the time is impractical and exhausting. But, have no fear! It begins with understanding the unique threats you face and how you can counter those threats.

In computer security, a threat is a potential event that could undermine your efforts to defend your data. You can counter the threats you face by determining what you need to protect and from whom you need to protect it. This guide will teach you how to make a security plan for your digital information and how to determine what solutions are best for you.

What does a security plan look like?

‘Anti-Israel activists’ crash online Holocaust survivor talk

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Animal activists are demanding that international puppy mills be banned from importing dogs into Canada, after dozens of puppies were found.

Training for Change is a training and capacity building organization for activists and organizers. We believe strong training and group facilitation is vital to movement building for social justice and radical change. We train thousands of people each year in North America, and also internationally, across issues and sectors — from campaign strategy retreats for anti-gentrification community groups, facilitation training for union leaders, to de-escalation skills for immigrant rights groups resisting deportation.

Our participant-centered practice follows emerging group dynamics in a workshop, adapts to local cultures and theories of change, and is oriented toward action — we call it Direct Education. Each tool has been tested in the training room to be sure it is cross-cultural and based on our direct education approach. Click Here for Dates and Registration. Welcome to Training For Change! Our Direct Education Approach. Learn More About Us.

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Activists, taking fight for demands online, causing headaches for Schenectady officials

MelissaLopezMZ Contact. HeatherCTV Contact. TORONTO — Animal activists are demanding that international puppy mills be banned from importing dogs into Canada, after dozens of puppies were found dead in the cargo area of an international flight that landed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport Friday. The woman who recorded the footage, Abby Lorenzen, said she was there to pick up a cat when she heard dogs “screaming.

The flight landed 12 hours later with 38 dogs dead on arrival and dozens of others sick and dehydrated. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which oversees the import of animals, confirmed in a statement on Friday that the Ukraine International Airlines flight landed in Toronto on June 13 with dogs in the cargo load.

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Delia Dumitrica received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to study social media and civic activism in Canada grant number Mylynn Felt receives funding as a Vanier scholar. Widespread use of social media has made it easier to mobilize collective action, yet citizen activists struggle to navigate these digital tools and increasingly report feeling burned out.

Our research on grassroots digital activism in Canada has revealed some of the strategies organizers employ when dealing with the technological, interactional and personal barriers of digital activism. Read more: Leading an online social movement requires offline work. For example, as these platforms prioritize popular and recent content, activist messages have to be constantly updated and liked or shared in order to remain visible to wider audiences.

Social media can enhance activist communication at the cost of loss of control over the message. This matters in collective action, because a clearly communicated set of demands and complaints is essential to obtaining political recognition. Legislative Assembly MLAs. The parents wanted to pressure the provincial government to negotiate with teachers and end the strike. As they circulated the idea of MLAPlaydates on social media, they reflected on the possibility of message dilution:. You share, you pass on stuff.

Filter bubbles of like-minded people make it difficult for digital activists to get their messages outside of individual networks.

Activist or protester?

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As activists demanding police reform surrounded City Hall on July 13, they swarmed the City Council’s online meeting with phone calls and.

Can “Slacktivism” Work? Mindi D. Foster 1 , Eden Hennessey 1 , Benjamin T. Women from two different samples MTurk and university were randomly assigned to recall a high- versus low-power experience, view real-world events of sexism, and then complete questionnaires assessing endorsement of social media activism, positive affect, and collective action intentions.

A dual moderated mediation analyses at the second stage of mediation showed equivalency across two samples, at which point the single moderated mediation model was tested on the combined sample. The model was significant, such that among those in the high-power condition, endorsing social media activism was associated with greater positive affect, which in turn predicted greater collective action intentions.

Among those in the low-power condition, however, this indirect effect was not significant.

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