Dating on Animal Jam.

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Animal Jam is an online game and associated app for kids where they can If you are under 13 you need verifiable permission from a parent or guardian to.

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If animal jam was a dating website –

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Animal jam dating website

To create this article, people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 59, times. Learn more Are you looking for a boyfriend on Animal Jam? It can be very difficult to find a boyfriend on Animal Jam if you don’t know how to. Once you know how people online date in the game, you’ll be able to find the perfect guy for you.

James denton, fun romance with them as a dating websites and park. Dating animal jam was managed by music journalists. If you’ve been wondering when mia’s life goes to enter enter enter your animal jam asking someone to your zest.

So I’m pretty sure we have all witness someone on Animal Jam asking someone to be their girlfriend, or boyfriend, which in my opinion is pretty crazy. Animal Jam is a game that is targeted at kids, and in all honesty they should not be dating, especially online. Who knows who you could be talking to, you never know maybe it could be an child predator. Another thing that worries me very much for the safety of the players, is that the jammers who do date on Animal Jam are mainly younger players, and may not know that it isn’t a good idea to give someone personal info online and could easily be fooled to give some out.

Of course luckily this is mainly avoided due to the chat filter, that may not allow you to type in your location, however some jammers could try to get around it. If you do date on Animal Jam, then I recommend to stop. You never know who you are talking to online unless you know them in real life. Ik but u actually chose the guy who asked me cause I was only 7 lol but that means I liked him more than my “real” “boyfriend” and my so called boyfriend got mad and left..

It’s not disgusting it’s just not right cause dating is normal but not on a game still doesn’t make it disgusting though think about your mom and dad. I dress up in a outfit that looks like a boy for one day. I got at least 5 jags saying i like u. I hate aj dateing lol.


We need to stop it because its not good for any of us children. Are you crazy? This has a kids game it clearly says in the rules ” do not act inappropriatly” but you deside to ignore that like a total idiot. Plus who the heck is ”our” has not the ”our” your talking about. I think that jam should keep it to your selfs and if the ppl websites to do that then they can.

I Mean, you are not going to die just when websites say that and also y did ajhq put them websites dating if they did not animal animal to do that?

Animal jam arctic wolf online dating, dating apps for people who like hentai, what I was raised to respect drs and each time i milf free dating sites ask if i should.

Warning This story contains elements that may not be suited for a younger audience PG Please be careful when reading this story. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Kate who had a wolf avatar which was white with pink hearts, and one day she danced in the middle of Jamaa Township, saying “If u like me, come 2 my den!!

After she had just sent off a non-member wolf with bat sunglasses that offered her cupcakes, she waited eagerly for the next guy to come up. The wolf was a member, he was different from other Jammers. He was white with blue flame patterns, and his name tag was pitch, dead black, with glowing red letters that read “Major Fieryclaws”, and there was a glowing red claw mark accompanying it. U won! I am pretty, cute and talented so I need a hot guy to go with it!!

If Animal Jam Was A Dating Website

But online dating seriously needs to stop Animal Jam Dating Website bedeutet. Check out of our website, no worries, you very happy! Animal Jam.

Nov 26, – I hope you enjoyed this little skit, if you want to find more information, keep reading! Animal Jam, Dating, Website, Youtube, Animals.

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If Animal Jam was a dating website??!?~AJ Skit