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What will happen in his relationship with Seungri? Still expressionless. Still gazing at the paper in front of him. Jiyong-hyung is dating… He repeats this in his head like a sick mantra. Jiyong-hyung is dating… He feel his phone vibrate inside his left jeans pocket. Jiyong-hyung is dating… — Jiyong curses under his breath as he swipe across his phone. Damn, Seungri! Pick the goddamn phone! He dials again. Where the fuck are you?

NYONGTORY / G-Ri & GTOP and moree❤

Seungri was constantly being hit by the gifts. At first, Jiyong was laughing at him but when he realised that Seungri is in pain, he immediately rushed forward to protect him. He recently called me out to have a drink and I agreed.

“Oh my god, Are they dating?” 9: When Seungri was on Manwon happiness, he kept singing that he wanted to eat chicken, but his hyungs didn’t pay any.

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Are they dating nyongtory

I am going to tell you guys that what is going to happen on Seungri Lee and G Dragon relationship. I see G Dragon is going to the army soon. As for Seungri he is doing a lot of amazing thing in his career like movies and business. The Ten of Pentacles indicate G Dragon marrying for money or arranged marriages with a woman. He maybe financially secure, have the right job, the right ethnicity, and come from the right socioeconomic world, but there maybe something lacking.

IMO GD is dating a certain panda whom he wrote tons of songs for, is his Omo thank you sweetie And yeah, I do feel like they’re dedicated to Ri.

ONE is going to debut, I think its around next year but still not too sure how and when, though it is certain he will debut. Also is Dara dating now? Her dating life is stable, her boyfriend, from outside of the entertainment industry, treats her very nicely. NAEUN is also worrying. Whether to got for it now bts prepare for the next jimin later. Is Nyongtory real fan fake?

How is it possible to be real… but their relationship bts really akin to that of a close relative.

Seungri & life! 😉 — Nyongtory 💞🐲🐼 Seungri’s Dating rumors 😂😂😂😂 …

The fresh smell of black coffee wafting out from the cup was enough to make me stay awake despite not having a wink of sleep today. This was a quirk of Kwon Jiyong- the more I love someone, the more I tend to bully them. That moment, I grabbed the opportunity and caught those pouting lips with mine. Looking at other couple who are walking together at 8 am in the morning of the day, I see us in them.

Suddenly he stopped, making me halt too.

[NYONGTORY FIC] Love Augments Everything by Ayaaachan Seungri and GD decide to come out to the band and they’re accepted by all and yg I didn’t mention any of it to Seungri, it’s supposed to be a just a Valentine’s lunch date.

SeungD Instagram Posts 3, posts. Is that look supposed to be threatening? Of course right after fans started shipping him to her, so here’s what shehad to say about the MV. Okay, Take a look at this post and tell me what you think this is Flyest of them all over head on your feet. Why you so damn serious got your girl delirious. Is it cause of my style or my flow is mysterious.

[Fan Account] “Are GD & Seungri dating?”

I started out as a Gtop shipper after I watched the kiss between T. Its been a year and a few months and this is what I noticed.. There are very little GTop moments and a whole lot of nyongtory moments both on and off stage.

They all protecting him just like the Kiko &GD dating thing. Uploaded by General NAG-Dragon (Big Bang) and Kiko Mizuhara Dating & kiss.

Seungri was constantly being hit by the gifts. At first, Jiyong was laughing at him but when he realised that Seungri is in pain, he immediately rushed forward to protect him. He recently called me out to have a drink and I agreed. If I were to tell him about the groups I liked, I would have revealed my identity. You should have met them a couple of times right? But when he is with Seungri, even when Seungri says something lame or not interesting at all, he would laugh. The two of them are also toilet partners.

Why do they go to the toilet together? These two will still go missing and suddenly appear. GD seems to really lack affection from others. Afterwards, while going on stage, Jiyong actually got angry at Seungri for no reason. While GD was checking the stage performance, Seungri suddenly rushed over. What did they exactly do in the toilet? During one of the fan signing events, a female fan said mean things to Seungri in front of GD and Seungri.

This Girl Group Hasn’t Had Any Dating Scandals Since Debuting 9 Years Ago

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GD is gay! Now I understand about everything. Why his two sourced popular fan website shutdown! Because they fail of him having a relationship with Kiko! Think about it! G-Dragon went to Paris for a Chanel fashion show. So, What they did they put Kiko Mizuhara in the same fashion show with him. When they did that Kiko was sitting in the row to made a scandal but fail. After the fashion show G-Dragon left really quick and disappear from Kiko Mizuhara. He was last seen with his manager Soohcho sorry for the name in London.

He suppose to be in another event with Xin,Taeyang, Sandara in something shop. I knew GD is not stupid I think he is doing this for media play because he want to be with Seungri. I think the two popular GD fan website shutdown because GD refused to not be in a straight relationship with Kiko.


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Hi Anon. All we saw was a picture she posted with no information on it. It could be. Hyewon was in Prague over the summer. She could have easily taken a trip to Switzerland then. If you look closely you will see that the woman could not be Hyewon because the woman in the black coat does not have the same length hair. They were apparently in Bali at the same time with a large group of friends. But you might remember a story the Bigbang members tell about when they were all living in the dorms together and Seungri always stayed in his room.

They were not in Japan together.

nyongtory Tapestry

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You get me right? But I think is horse shit however there are female in nuthang too. You ever think GD secretly married Kiko behind Seungri back? And still married Seungri? However, I keep heard rumor about Kiko having a new boyfriend. Who is he?

When GD said “she” and why he did it – Untitled in SG Day 2 – A NYONGTORY VIDEO